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Hi, I'm Joonas.
I like developing

About me

I'm a software developer living in Turku, Finland, with a Master's Degree in Computer Science from University of Turku. Besides having skills in programming and a wide range of web techniques (with some visual eye for web design), I have experience in developing games and mobile applications, as well as taking part in different open source projects.

I'm especially interested in web and software development. I'm also very keen to familiarize myself with any trending or otherwise exciting new technologies.


Here I've listed some projects that I've developed, either as personal projects or in a group.
You can find more of my work on GitHub.

Premier league predictor 2016


Developed as a personal project, this is a website where you can predict the results of every game of the English Premier League Season 2016-17, and earn points while at it!

Åbike - Map application


Developed as a group project during a University Capstone course, Åbike is a web-based, community-driven map application for cyclists in the Turku region in Finland. Special attention has been put into the user experience, to make the application usable on any device.

The Alchemist


Developed as a group project during a University game course, The Alchemist is a 2.5D platformer game for PC and Android. Collect ingredients and brew magic potions in your own alchemy room. Made with Unity 5.

Petty Theft Donut


Developed as a group project during a University game course, Petty Theft Donut (or PTD) is a 2.5D top-down driving game for PC. Avoid the police while trying to collect as many donuts as possible. Made with Unity 5.

Get in touch

Please send me an email if you want to contact me.
You can also find me on Facebook and LinkedIn.